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ONLE Book 2, Minecraft, and Writer’s Block.

Camelot: ONLE a Minecraft Story

I have been playing Minecraft off and on for almost a decade now. I have always enjoyed the lego-esque creativity it offers, the hours of shared time playing with my kids, and the fact that it is just a good game.

So recently, between my day job and a case of not being exactly sure what my characters are going to do next, I have been in a holding pattern on writing the next part of book 2.

I decided to help me realize what needed to happen next in the book, I needed to stop thinking about it. So, I dove back into Minecraft. Playing in the most recently released version I realized that they had added quite a bit in the last couple releases that could aid in it being a story telling device.

With that in mind I decided to try and tell a new ONLE story with Minecraft. What resulted was Camelot: ONLE a Minecraft Story. The stories stars you as a rookie ARC agent sent on a mission to recover artifacts related to King Arthur, including the legendary Excalibur. You travel from the Neg Point to Viking Norway, Mongolia, and of course, Camelot. Those who complete the missions will receive a link to a special preview of the next book. Working title Roanoke: It’s ONLE book two.

You can download a copy of the Minecraft story at https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/camelot-onle-a-minecraft-story/

Audiobook is Underway!

Probably the primary thing that got me hooked back on the written word, was ironically audiobooks. Back when I was on the road every week for work, spending all my time in airports, on the road, or in hotels I was desperate for entertainment and mental stimulation. Now this was before chromecasts and firesticks had hit the market, and Netflix couldn’t easily be saved to your mobile devices. As much as I love music, terrestrial and satellite radio can get repetitive, and Spotify was in its infancy. So I thought I would give audiobooks a shot, I was quickly sucked in.

The hours spent driving or meandering the airports were much less boring now. I eventually got a kindle so I could spend all of my down time consuming books in one form or another. I would read classic sci-fi on the e-reader and the new releases on audiobook. As time went on I started driving a lot more for work so spending ten plus hours on the road with the voice work of Wil Wheaton, RC Bray, Ray Porter, and many others made the time, ok not exactly fly by, but it was definitely more enjoyable.

So this has been a long rambling way to say that recording for the Imposter Messiah audiobook is underway. I am trilled to be working with the amazing TJ Clark to bring the agents of ONLE, as well as the rest of the cast of characters from the book to life. Listening through the first few chapters of what TJ recorded gave me chills. This process has cemented that I had actually made something here, it wasn’t just some daydream or fantasy that I had written a book. There was a real freaking book and audiobook, how cool is that!

I can’t wait to share the audiobook with all of you and the world. For now though I was just too excited to keep the news to myself. So coming soon to Audible is:

Coming soon to Audible.