This year has convinced me that we are Sims.

So, 2020. I think that pretty much sums up everyone’s experience with this year. From Corona virus, to the hurricanes, to the economic crash, to everyone’s favorite, murder hornets, it has been a hell of a year.

As I am sure that many of you are aware, there is a theory out there that our universe is actually a computer simulation running on some higher beings computer. To me this always sounded more like a philosophical exercise than a real possibility. But, as a gamer myself this year has convince me that the theory is true. What gamer hasn’t gotten board while playing a Sim game and decided to see what calamities you can call cause to your creations. Who didn’t enjoy calling in Godzilla in the old SimCity games and letting him run rampant in your city, what gamer hasn’t let Gandhi unleash his nuclear lust in Civilizations, or removed a door to lock your Sim in a dark basement. You wrap those all up together and it sure sounds like 2020 to me. So yes, we’ve answered the question of is there a God. Unfortunately, he is a teenager playing a video game in his bedroom and is bored with us.

On a serious note, I hope you are all doing okay out there. While my 2020 has not been as bad as some, no major health issues or Covid losses, it has not been an easy one. It started with being told that my job of 10 years was being eliminated. My company later decided they didn’t want to lose me so they offered me a role in a different department, that I had zero experience in, and at a very significant pay cut. I appreciate what the company did for me, don’t get me wrong, and let’s face it, the job market sucks right now, but I went from a director in an IT consulting division to managing a billing team. Talk about a culture shock and learning curve all rolled into one, I am just now starting to get my head above water again.

Then, you know, Covid and lock-downs occurred. The lock-downs are really ok with me. As an anti-social person with a small measure of social anxiety my day to day life wasn’t effected much. It did give me much better reasons to turn down social engagements though, which I always appreciate. Unfortunately, that also meant that my kids were doing virtual learning. Oh the things we forget. The virtual learning platform that our school district decided to employ relies mostly on videos and on-line lessons. This means that for a majority of their classes the kids don’t have a teacher to direct questions too. So I have been relearning Junior high algebra and High school poetry again. Oh the fun times we’ve had.

In short, 2020 has sucked, God is probably a bored kid at a computer, and why can’t x solve its own problems? Well, I am going to try to update this blog more often going forward, maybe in a less rambly format. In the meantime, read more, worry less, and don’t forget to vote.