ONLE Book 2, Minecraft, and Writer’s Block.

Camelot: ONLE a Minecraft Story

I have been playing Minecraft off and on for almost a decade now. I have always enjoyed the lego-esque creativity it offers, the hours of shared time playing with my kids, and the fact that it is just a good game.

So recently, between my day job and a case of not being exactly sure what my characters are going to do next, I have been in a holding pattern on writing the next part of book 2.

I decided to help me realize what needed to happen next in the book, I needed to stop thinking about it. So, I dove back into Minecraft. Playing in the most recently released version I realized that they had added quite a bit in the last couple releases that could aid in it being a story telling device.

With that in mind I decided to try and tell a new ONLE story with Minecraft. What resulted was Camelot: ONLE a Minecraft Story. The stories stars you as a rookie ARC agent sent on a mission to recover artifacts related to King Arthur, including the legendary Excalibur. You travel from the Neg Point to Viking Norway, Mongolia, and of course, Camelot. Those who complete the missions will receive a link to a special preview of the next book. Working title Roanoke: It’s ONLE book two.

You can download a copy of the Minecraft story at